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IOT Services

Power Management

Identify inefficiencies - By combining the power of big data and analytics, an IoT management system is able to provide targeted areas for improvement;

Prevent losses before they occur - For example, Iot Management System may notice anomalies with HVAC system (key indicators that the unit is running sub-optimally).

Provide full integration - For example lighting systems, it can reduce lighting when staff/public is not present, or even turn off lights that staff have left on overnight.

Determine equipment repair or replacement - IoT power management analytics will be able to determine when specific equipment is failing to run optimally.

Synergize power plant and data center systems - If a data center has a dedicated power plant to provide offgrid power, the IoT power management system can work across both systems to optimally control and manage power usage and supply.

Smart City

  • Monitoring city infrastructures;
  • Smart irrigation at parking lots with humidity sensors;
  • Smart parking spaces with mobile app;
  • Smart street lights adjusting for weather & traffic;
  • Waste management.

It allows the monitoring of the different infrastructures through dashboards and management applications. This cloud platform enables the collection, integration, storage and analysis of data through sensors and information reported by citizens to better manage municipal services.

Smart Waste Management

Huge Challenge

  • Residential Waste
  • Industrial / Commercial Waste
  • Bio-medical Waste
  • Hazardorus Waste


A solution for efficient and effective waste disposal logistics to ensure a clean working environment / clean surrounding.

Solution to surmount the challenge

  • Timely collection of waste from the source point
    • Programed scheduling and exception scheduling
  • Basic segregation of waste at source point
    • Metal and Non-metal
  • Seamless logistics for transfer of garbage from source to end disposal points
  • Scalable
    • Can be deployed for use in-house within enterprises
    • Ready to be scaled for town/city