Managed Services

In this developing business corporate world enterprises are extremely dependent on IT (both application, platform and hardware infrastructure) for smooth running of their businesses. We understand that any disruptions to delivery of these services, either as a result of the hardware failing or the application crashing, virus attacks or network unavailability, can and do cause major losses, both in terms of productivity and revenue. To this end, the company has invested heavily in manpower, processes, technologies and facilities, in order provide world-class infrastructure on a completely hosted model, backed up with maximum uptime (more than 99.90%).

S-squad Global helps organizations to routinely maintain and manage many critical applications such as Website and web-based applications, ERP packages, HR applications, Messaging platforms, Development platforms, to name just a few. All these applications require the correct hardware and system software platforms to run and network infrastructure, in order to be delivered to the customer's users - internal and external - to use.

The company’s Managed Services Group (MSG) is a central command center, bringing together people, processes, infrastructure and tools to ensure service delivery & excellence for all services provided by the Managed Services Group. In addition, our company has a wide range of solutions and services to ensure that IT infrastructure - be it application, platform or network - is always accessible, always on. We deliver a highly secure facility to manage data security and other aspects of services delivered from the MSOC.

Our company MSOC includes world-class, international standards based physical infrastructure with redundant HVAC and advanced fire protection systems. Apart from this the company has also invested heavily in procuring industry standards based IT infrastructure including servers, firewalls, and end computing devices, advanced monitoring & management tools with redundant bandwidth to monitor and manage the customer's IT landscape.

Given below are some of the managed hosting services provided by S-squad Global Managed Services Group:

    Datacenter Services

  • Managed Collocation Services
  • Managed Hosting – Dedicated Server & Shared Server (Linux and windows)
  • Shared Hosting Services – Mail services, web portal hosting

    S-squad Cloud based Services

  • IaaS (Public) Cloud Private Cloud - Dedicated Private Cloud – Shared Public Cloud – VPS Storage as a Services - StraaS
  • SaaS (Public) Cloud - Mailing (OSS Based) HR SaaS Corporate Intranet SaaS

    Remote Management Services

  • Remote Monitoring & Administration
  • Remote Management
  • Technical Helpdesk

    Specialized Services

  • DR/BCP Services
  • HA/ ERP Hosting
  • Web Design & Development – CMS